Why Virtual
Classroom Matters

" We need technology in every classroom and in every student
and teacher's hand, because it is the pen and paper of our
time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of
our world."
David Warlick

Education can be expensive, but virtual classroom can
provide a number of ways for students to save. Not having to
commute to campus can help you save on transportation costs.
It also means saving time because you don't need to travel
to-and-from campus. Virtual coursework often takes advantage of
virtual resources, which translates into less money spent on

Another advantage of virtual classrooms is that they are scalable
to accommodate more students. Physical classrooms are often
limited to the maximum number of seats for students to sit
comfortably and have plenty of room. Virtual classrooms use
video meeting solutions with larger caps to enable more students
to attend interesting classes at once. This enables better and
higher participation rates and makes knowledge much easier to

LIMS Platform

Through the cloud-based LIMS with GENIBOT enable to two-way communication
Remotely controls the GENIBOT without restrictions on location and time

Remote control of the GENIBOT via LIMS

LIMS platform is a cloud-based interactive coding education
solution. IT enable two-way communication for educators
and students to utilize GENIBOT together in one-on-one
or group classes, both in person and remotely.
Instructors can control each student's GENIBOT in real time,
no matter where the student is located in the world.
Students can also learn by themselves and teachers
will be provided with full activity reports,
helping make individualized instruction possible
for every students.

About LIMS

  • Learning Interactive

    With interactive teaching tools, teachers can reach their students in ways both new and familiar.

  • Live assignments

    Teachers can assign assignments and evaluate students` answers in real time.

  • Class Management

    LIMS makes it easy for administrators to schedule and supervise classes.

  • Allows up to 49 students

    LIMS allows up to 49 students to communicate.

  • Voice Question

    enabling students to participate in discussions, mute their surroundings or virtually "raise" their hands

  • Lower Network Traffic

    Lower network traffic and latency for more students to use.

EPL Program

Low level languages must be written for a
specific processor architecture and cannot be written or
taught in isolation without referencing the processor for
which it was written. Unlike higher level languages,
using an educational assembly language needs a
representation of a processor, whether virtualized or
physical. Assembly is the most helpful language to use
for learning about fundamental computer processor

GENIBOT has direct radio communication with the
You can also be used by connecting Scratch 3.0 with
the GENIBOT in a GENISTICK(bluetooth dongle for GENIBOT)