GENIBOT is an educational coding robot for young learners
of all ages and levels - from four years old to late teens.
GENIBOT makes it fun to learn STEAM skills, coding and AI,
allowing kids to do many things.
Learn basic coding with physical cards instead of computers!

Unplugged Coding

It is possible to build programs with Unplugged
cards. Make GENIBOT Perform an entire song
and dance while changing colors

  • All functions in one

    GENIBOT can be programmed to
    perform various actions by
    placing it on top of any
    combination of 47 different cards.

  • Unplugged Coding

    Learn basic coding with physical
    OID coding cards in stead of
    computers. – completely analog!

  • Compatible with devices

    Compatible with various devices
    (Android/iOS, computers) &
    sensors (Digital & Analogue)

  • Multilingual Education

    Genibot supports English and
    the language of the exporting
    country, and supports up to
    10 languages.

  • Interactive communication

    Supporting BLE 5.0 Start-network
    Solution for communication
    between students, as well as
    between teachers and students.

  • Support EPL program

    Support Scratch 3.0, Entry,
    Micro:bit(Makecode), Python

GENIBOT Accessory

GENIBOT inspires the imagination and innovation every step
of the way, encouraging learners to design, build, invent and
experiment with code.
A number of add-on accessories are available that allow kids
to personalize their GENBOT and completely change their
learning experience :

Pen holder Make GENIBOT draw as it moves!
Arm holder Teach GENIBOT to play soccer!
LEGO plates Snap LEGO on to GENIBOT to make a car, a
giant robot, or anything else!


GENISTICK is a Bluetooth dongle that helps you work with
more GENIBOTs and connects to the educational
programming program.

  • SingleLink(1:1) or MultiLink (1:18)
  • Supports EPL program (Scratch 3.0, Entry, Python)
  • Supports Bluetooth 5.1


※ This product is sold separately.

A full-featured wireless webcam with AI object detection,
GENICAM can be combined with GENIBOT's movement capability
to enable autonomous driving.
It's the perfect tool for AI coding education.

  • Teachable Machine and TensorFlow compatible
  • Supports basic video filming and motion detection
  • Wireless Wi-Fi & Bluetooth